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Report date : 04/04/2010

Picking the right stocks has nothing to do with trading success and neither do amazing trading systems with high percentage wins. To Break your dream and to introduce you to reality there is also no sure shot to success in Stock market but there is definitely a way to succeed in stock market where even a child can trade with such ease which even many professionals fail to manage.


The article above emphasizes on that fact that trade is a child’s play which conveys an incorrect message.

Go4advisory Virtual Portfolio Management Risk calculation system is the answer to all your trading / investing needs in Indian stock market. Don’t worry about what to buy , when to buy, how much to buy, why to buy and most important when not to buy ??? Then once u have bought the important part what to sell, when to sell, How much to sell, where to trail, These are the most impotent questions every stock trader ask himself each day and this is where majority lacks and loss there capital but the clients of Go4advisory are 1step ahead they sit back relaxed and enjoy the trading with such ease that even a kid of 10 year or a Older of 80 year can trade the stocks like a professional.

We give u Risk management as per your capital
We manage the Risk as per your risk appetite
We are transparent in our service
You have full control of your portfolio
We guide you not only what to buy and sell but how much to buy and sell

You make profits not Only when u buy the stocks , U make profits when u sell them and we tell u at each point  when u have to sell the stock and most important how much to sell the stock, we give gains not in Papers but in Reality unlike other advisors who give u performance sheets of calculation of days high or low we wonder who told them to exit at the exact high or low of the stock.

The clients profit in both ways…. Buying and selling.

We attach along a Real Market Trades Of  our recommended trades of a Portfolio of  2.5 Lakh Rs along with where Real profit was booked 62369.73 Rs. (21 % Return After 6 Trading Session)  and this is real time trades with real time profits take a look and comment. We Only do trade Management In India


Excel Sheet Link :  http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tvZCIX-woHYMEFrusuo2zvg&output=xls

No doubt u will have many queries and comments and even eager to know how u can make use of this for your own portfolio but good news is we are just a call away and what we charge is penny in terms of rupees u gain from our expertise. with a Robust Research department our Technical Analyst are well equipped with all modern techniques and knowledge which has no match in industry.

Help us to serve u better ! Dial 09227512666 / 079-40329888 and let us grow your Money Tree for u like we have done for thousands and thousands of fellow traders


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